Win Over the Neighborhood Watch

Leverage Your Reviews

The Feedback & Review Suite is a robust solution to many of the challenges that are faced by local businesses today. It addresses online reviews, customer satisfaction, local business search results, your online reputation, and much more.

Reputation Monitoring

Keep a tight watch on reviews and ratings for each location. Role-based reporting and alerts will keep each local manager ahead of the game and their neighborhood competition.


Reputation Monitoring

Proudly display your best reviews, allowing users to search or filter on their own. Relevancy is key…showing the right review at the right time has impact.

Local Reputation Management

Robust custom data collection methods to engage with clients at a Local Brand level.

Negative feedback results in instant alerts to the right person in your organizational hierarchy, while the respondents with positive things to say are gently guided down a user-friendly route to publish their review online.

This simple path and process results in articulate, authentic reviews on multiple review sites, e.g. Google+, Yelp, and other review sites that have an impact on local brand reputation.

The ICE Digital Marketing Feedback and Review Suite with TB Profiler, designed to engage existing clientele in a user-friendly process that broadcasts positive reviews online and captures data regarding how 21st Century Vitamins use online reviews to make their purchasing decisions.

Beyond capturing positive reviews, our process will also assist in capturing referrals and providing powerful insights regarding the impact of reviews on your customers’ buying behavior.

Referral Module: Our reputation suite is a natural place to convert an already engaged client into a brand evangelist. The Referral Module makes it simple for a client to refer friends and family.

The Referral Module can integrate and support any existing referral programs, or it can be a stand-alone referral program.

Whether we use a stand-alone or an integrated approach, the opportunity for referrals at this point is extremely strong, due to the fact that we are only dealing with brand enthusiasts who are engaged at that exact moment.

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